And so it Begins

Today is the day. Today tri+ launches for real.

This site has existed for a few weeks while I made everything ready, and there were of course much more to do than anticipated, but in the end I had the basics ready, and then it was just a matter of throwing caution to the side and open up for the marketing campaign.

So I have made a Facebook page (no friends were spared an invite to like it. I apologise.), a Google+ pageInstagram account and of course a Twitter account, gotten myself a CVR number (Danish company registry) and finally decided on pricing. Pricing was almost the hardest part.

So I am ready, I have a TrainingPeaks coach account, and I am not afraid to use it, so come on, if your dare to swim, bike and run fast in the 2017 season.

Are you ready for that? If so, contact to me and let’s get started.

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