Coaching costs €150 per month (incl. 25% VAT in Denmark, €120 + local VAT in EU,  and just €120outside EU). See about VAT calculations below.

What’s Included?

Included in the price is cooperation as described in “How do we Work Together?”, eg. a tailor made program updated as needed and communication as needed.

There’s no startup fee, and you can stop the plan at any time with 14 days warning to the 1. in a month.

I work with athletes over TrainingPeaks, and I will look at all your workouts, and comment if necessary.

At 2-8 week intervals we schedule a talk, either face to face, if possible, or over Skype or FaceTime, whatever suits you and I, to make a  plan for the next period of time.

You have unlimited access to me via mail and instant messaging, I will almost always reply within 24 hours. We can schedule phone calls or video chats with quite short notice if needed.

This is what most other coaches sell as their Premium Coaching, with unlimited communication, changes to the training plan, feedback on workouts etc.

There will be cheaper products available some time during 2017, but I can’t currently say when.

If you want the most out of hiring me, you will want to hire me well before the season starts anyway. The foundation of great results is always laid outside the season.


VAT Calculation

The VAT I have to charge is based on your country of residence.

VAT (moms) is 25% in Denmark, if you live outside Denmark, but in the EU, VAT is your local VAT, whatever that is. If you live outside the EU, no VAT is charged, but there may be local laws and rules you have to follow.

This is a bit complicated, but such is the law.